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Creating quality work for our clients is our top priority and in doing so we have to try to maintain ourselves on top of the happenings in the world of design

This blog is the answer to that. Once in a while we will post our thoughts, ideas and even concerns in the world of design. There’s so much to talk about so we’re sure there will never be a dull moment here.

  • Free Web Design

    Yes you heard right. IN Creative, for a limited time, is offering FREE WEB DESIGN as part of our web development packages. We understand that even if a portfolio blows you away you may still be a bit skeptical as…

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  • .com vs .ca
    .com vs .ca extension

    Should I use a .ca or a .com for my website? Well ideally you should use both and if possible a couple more. Let me explain. The reasons for this is so that no one else can use your businesses…

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  • Graphic Design and Your Business
    Graphic Design and Your Business

    On the streets, in the mall, at work, on your computer, or simply in your living room design is never far away. Now a days you will find something that a graphic designer was involved in within arms length. Graphic…

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  • Custom QR Code Design
    Custom QR Code Design

    We recently completed a custom QR Code for Shamrock Burgers. The idea was to create a custom QR Code that when scanned would direct people to the mobile version of their website, which we were also to design and build….

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  • Office Chairs 2.0
    Graphic Designers Office Chair

    I like to sometimes think back to the beginnings of IN Creative and all the decisions we made to get us here. How we were new to the Graphic Design and Web Development world. I like to dwell on what…

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  • New Year, New Opportunities
    IN Creative 2013 Blog Post

    With the new year comes new goals, change, and new opportunities. We at IN Creative are always striving to better ourselves and the way we work so that we are always able to provide high quality work for competitive pricing….

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