Character Illustrations

  • Simplistic Idea
    simplistics character illustration

    Simplistic Idea

    Simplistics website used a character to illustrate certain points and since they were in the middle of doing an update to their website they required a new illustration of the character. Coming to IN Creative was the right move. We…

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  • Underwater Adventure
    Underwater Adventure Graphic Design Illustration

    Underwater Adventure

    Simply out of love for design one of our designers at IN Creative felt like creating a custom background along with a character. If anything this is a create example of our illustration skills and what talent and passion can…

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  • Itchy Shrimp
    Itchy Shrimp Characters Graphic Design Illustration

    Itchy Shrimp

    For the Itchy Shrimp Logo it was mandatory for it to incorporate a shrimp character with some sort of emotion in his face. We tried the character with various angles, colors, tails, arms, and especially emotions ranging from a simple…

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  • Smile Guy
    Smile Guy Character Graphic Design illustration

    Smile Guy

    We were approached by one of our clients to create a concept character for a confectionary product. The character would be placed on the package and would become an integral part of the over all brand and design of this…

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