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Office Chairs 2.0

I like to sometimes think back to the beginnings of IN Creative and all the decisions we made to get us here.

Graphic Designers Office Chair

How we were new to the Graphic Design and Web Development world. I like to dwell on what we did right and what we did wrong so that it might help us in the future. I think about anything from how we went about acquiring new business to where we bought our pens.

Today I look back and think of the very first office chair I sat in. The chair that was with me since the beginning. Oh the times we had. If that chair could talk oh how I would tape its mouth shut. Our first office chairs were not much to look at and even worse they weren’t much to sit on. In fact we will not be posting any images due to the fact that it may cause some of you to faint. Ok maybe they weren’t that bad. They did the job and toughed it out with us through those long nights. Nights when impossible deadlines needed to be met and sleep was lacking. But like an old pair of sneakers, those chairs just had to go. So we took the dive and made the decision to upgrade our chairs.

When we first started to think about what our new office chairs might be like, we may have gotten a bit out of hand.

I pictured myself in Captain Jean-Luc Picards seat on the Star Ship Enterprise, while Gustavo imaged himself in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude using the latest in Kryptonian Graphic Design technology. WOW! I think we had too much coffee that day. So snap back to reality and there we were Gustavo and I standing in front of about 15 chairs. Side by side we stood starring at them like we were looking at a fast food menu. Some chairs looked more meaty, while others seemed to be more like a small salad lacking any appeal. We picked out the few that looked the best and started our round of musical chairs. Back and forth from chair to chair we went slowly weeding out any that had any discomfort or lack of options we wanted. In the end it was down to two chairs. We switched back and forth from the two about ten times as store employees occasionally glanced over with a “what the !$%&?” look on their faces. We definitely did not look sane but the method had reason, and in the end we had decided on the future seating of the IN Creative team.

I could go on about the importance of an office chair for someone that may spend more time in the chair then they do in bed, or how comfort allows for inspiration, but that might just bore you. That is to say if this isn’t boring you already. I mean, I’m talking about a chair here. But if you had seen our old chairs you would understand. It’s like wearing sandals and upgrading to an orthopaedic shoe. In the end we look back and realize that as a long term decision our first chairs perhaps were not the best choice but they lasted as long as they needed to and did the job. As for our new chairs they may not be some iconic chair from science fiction shows or comic books, yet to us at IN Creative they are just as awesome but are 3 way adjustable with added lumbar support.

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