IN CREATIVE is a Greater Toronto Area based Graphic Design Firm that has always had a keen interest for design and its power of persuasion. We provide the highest quality in Graphic Design and Web Design solutions to companies around the world, ranging from small local businesses to large global corporations.

Free Web Design

Yes you heard right. IN Creative, for a limited time, is offering FREE WEB DESIGN as part of our web development packages.

We understand that even if a portfolio blows you away you may still be a bit skeptical as to what will be produced for you. Add that with the costs of web development and a lot of businesses are scared to take the leap.

Let me guess. Is this your nightmare scenario? You find a web development company that was not only referred to you but has a great portfolio. You are 100% confident with their ability and this was also reassured to you by a very well dressed account manager. When they show you a contract you have no problem in signing it regardless of the 4 or 5 digit number on the page. A couple weeks go by and communication has been great when all of a sudden you receive the first design concepts. You are horrified to find that it’s nothing like what you asked for and to top it off the quality is just horrendous. You signed a contract so you can’t back out without some sort of penalties and to proceed further might just put you in a deeper hole.

We’ve heard many horror stories like this from many business owners.  Of course this leaves them scared and afraid to proceed or sign a contract with us or anyone for that matter. We completely understand this. There are also new businesses that just can’t afford for a situation like this to happen. They only have so much of a budget for web development as most start ups do and a situation like this could bring their new business dreams to a halt.

This is why we provide the free web design as part of our web development services. The idea is that we will go through our specific process to understand what you want and use that to put together a design that would suit your needs and accomplish your goals. You aren’t obligated to proceed with the project and sign a contract unless you are 100% happy with the design and the direction we are taking the project. This eliminates any worries you may have about what you will be getting. We are on your side and want you to feel as comfortable as possible when taking this important step for your business.

The process is as follows.

  • Meet in person to discuss in full detail your online business needs.
  • IN Creative will conduct research that will allow us to better understand your industry, competitors, and target market.
  • IN Creative will take this information and put together a proposal/quote for the full web development project. This will allow you to understand our direction, timeline, and cost.
  • If you are happy with the proposal we will proceed with the design process.
  • Once a design is completed we would meet with you to discuss this design.

This is where the important part comes in

  • At this point if for whatever reason you feel we are not heading in the right direction you can simply back out.
  • or if you feel we are heading in the right direction and more than capable of producing high quality work we would proceed by drafting up a contract that once signed would allow us to continue with the project.

And even still if you are not happy with the design we can still discuss your concerns to possibly solve this issues and still be able to proceed with the project. The idea is that you aren’t held down by any contracts until you feel we are on the right track and the right fit for your business. We understand this concern and that it might hold you back from having the job done by the right people. We feel we are the right people and will do what it takes to earn your trust and in the end provide you with a top quality product.

If you are interested in or would like more details about our FREE WEB DESIGN offer contact us at [email protected] or use the contact form at the bottom or on our Get A Quote page.