• Lexus Cleaning Services
    Logo Design Graphic Design Branding

    Lexus Cleaning Services

    Lexus Cleaning Services is an organization that offers contract/project cleaning with a large emphasis on green cleaning. They believe that there should always be a non damaging interaction between the products we use and the environment. This belief needed to…

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  • Iglesia Cristo Viene

    Iglesia Cristo Viene

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  • End-Time Harvest Ministries

    End-Time Harvest Ministries

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  • MK Weddings

    MK Weddings

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  • Itchy Shrimp

    Itchy Shrimp

    For the Itchy Shrimp Logo it was mandatory for it to incorporate a shrimp character with some sort of emotion in his face. We tried the character with various angles, colors, tails, arms, and especially emotions ranging from a simple…

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  • It’s Medical
    biomed Logo Design Graphic Design Branding

    It’s Medical

    Bio-Med is a medical marijuana compassion centre that provide legal marijuana to those with a license. They help those that do not have the knowledge or ability to grow their own for medical purposes. When IN Creative was contacted by…

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  • Student Me, StudentU
    studentu Logo Design Graphic Design Branding

    Student Me, StudentU

    The StudentU logo was created for a concept idea one of our clients had. We can’t get into much details but the project was based on students, technology, and information. Those things compiled together, along with a bunch of specifics, would…

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  • Reach for the Skyscrapers
    suleman yasin Logo Design Graphic Design Branding

    Reach for the Skyscrapers

    The goal was the same as always. Create a logo that would reflect the business and appeal to the public. Requirements were that it be bold, clean, and to the point. The task is never simple but after various concept…

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  • Active Surroundings
    Active Surroundings Logo Design Graphic Design Branding

    Active Surroundings

    When Active Surroundings approached us they already had an existing logo. The problem was that it wasn’t up to the standard of quality that they wanted for their business. As their business was growing they wanted to up the branding…

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  • Great Vision Logo
    Great Vision Ministries Logo Design Graphic Design Branding

    Great Vision Logo

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