At Cloud4Rent we believe in No Frills and Low Cost. Our lean, smart, efficient and affordable data backup and recovery package includes:

Straight Forward, No Contracts

There are no contracts. You’re in easy and if you want out, it’s easy too.

Straight Forward, Best In Class Protection

Enterprise Professional Grade Technology

Straight Forward, Start Up Costs

Seeding and Installation Costs $499.99

Straight Forward Billing

$0.03/GB Cost Recurring Monthly.

Minimum billing based on

  • 30 Full Backups Online
  • 50 GB

Straight Forward Support

Standard Support 9am -5pm Eastern

3 support calls included monthly

Additional regular hours support calls $25.00 each per instance

After Hours Support $75.00/Instance

Straight Forward Add On Costs

24/7 Support $0.01/GB

Local Backup Appliance - models/sizes

Straight Forward Rentals

FBD 2000DT - $99.99/Mth, $599.99 One time

FDB 6000DT - $149.99/Mth, $799.99 One time

Straight Forward Alternate Recover Methods

  • USB - $100.00 (14 Days + Shipping)
  • Appliance $500 (14 Days + Shipping)